The Little Toys themselves!

Created by Erin E. Brown, The Little Toys are seven lovable characters who want to learn all they can about God’s world! With help from their friends, they learn about science, history, and anything else their little minds wonder about. With fun stories and colorful drawings, these are books children will want to read again and again. Join Ducky, Puppy, and the rest of the Toys as they explore God’s creation!

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Join a whole cast of brave toy characters as they travel to faraway lands and solve some of life’s greatest mysteries!



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What Our Friends Are Saying:

The colorful characters ... are beyond adorable
The Little Toys Books written by Erin E. Brown are excellent books to answer biblical based questions that our little people ask!!  The colorful characters that Erin has created are beyond adorable, both in the illustration and actual ‘toys’.  We have purchased them for our family and for friends!!  The Green Family recommends them for every family!!
The Green Family