Our Story

I created The Little Toys as an educational book series that reflects the truths of the Bible. My love for science and history feed my artistic flow and inspire my writings.

Because I am also a fiber artist, I offer a line of hand crafted friends to accompany the books. I enjoy the process of designing and creating each Little Toy in both the drawings and in cloth. I hope they will be a friend to your child.

Through The Little Toys, my desire is that you and your child are inspired and blessed. In your quest for learning, may you find The Little Toys a source for truth, knowledge, and fun!


What Our Friends Are Saying:

A great addition to your home and church library
If you want your child to learn Science and History from a Biblical Worldview, including Creation facts that can be difficult for even adults to explain, The Little Toys books would be a great addition to your home and church library. They are sure to engage your child, and the accompanying character plushes make them even more fun!